Smoked Chilli Lamb Chops


With a menu that is both seasonal and always changing under the innovativeness of our skilled chefs, we do not display a fixed menu. However, we have chosen here a sample of some of the dishes served here, as a result of them being constantly requested by our regular patrons:

We are unable to provide a full menu in advance of the meal, because the selection changes constantly. However, the following selection gives a flavour of the menu.

The equivalent of a three course meal with wine & service averages about £85-£90 per head. There are about 45 menu dishes. Each is infused with its own marinade, or combination of spices. Prices of dishes with 4 tasting portions range from £15 for chicken to £55 for Seafood Platter.

These include:
  • A range of sophisticated salads
  • A wide range of seafood & fish dishes including a seafood platter and Tandoori Ocean Wild Prawns
  • Poultry: Grilled Duck Breast with Spiced Toasted Coconut; chicken in various forms
  • Lamb: Smoked Chilli Lamb Chops; Raan Mussalam - leg of baby lamb, slow roasted royal cumin, garam masala
  • Game: Wild Venison Seekh Kebab
  • Beef: Tandoori Sirloin Boti with a mellow spiced marinade
We also have 15 vegetarian dishes averaging £12.50 to £24:
  • Beetroot Chop 
  • Char-grilled Aubergine
  • Shakarkhand Chaat - griddled Indian white sweet potato, tamarind & yoghurt

For aficionados of traditional Indian kebab eating, we have a very small collection of unusual curries & biryanis. The rice in the biryanis is a year old basmati which has incredible length & consistency.

Our dessert menu includes chocolate and fruit based desserts, some with an Indian accent, as well as a couple of sugar free ones.