Grilled prawn in a shell


Amaya offers sophisticated grilled Indian cuisine, out of the ordinary and sensationally modern, but the tools of the trade are age old in concept: it's the style, ingredients, flavouring and delivery that sets it apart from any other.

With a desire to grill, tandoor and sear a multitude of fresh premium quality ingredients, clothed, marinated and dipped in secret and unusual combinations, the food at Amaya is prepared for sharing.

Our wide variety of grilled Indian flavoured ingredients fused with Eastern promise, offers an unusual gourmet journey to please the palates of a wide range of discerning diners. For vegetarians the kitchen offers up over 15 different vegetable delights and unusual salads.
For seafood lovers the world goes well beyond and including oysters; char-grilled jumbo prawns, monkfish tikka, king scallops, blue swimmer crab kebab and many more. Also, the meat is venison, wild fowl, and poultry are served in a variety of styles: from the mouth watering lamb kebab to the sirloin boti or even the butter soft mouth melting griddled foie gras.

The result is a deeply memorable Asian epicurean adventure of eclectic Indian dishes, often unexplored, all freshly prepared, on view, and exquisitely presented.