A wide array of
vegetarian dishes


We make as much fuss over our vegetable and salad dishes as we do our seafood and meat. Not only do we appreciate the different food choices of the 21st century gourmet, we also believe that a vegetable can be a smash hit, along with a divinely exotic leaf salad and a cornucopia of vegetable biryani.

With over 15 vegetable and salad dishes, there is a wide selection of non-meat dishes, as well as delectable carbohydrate accompaniments, such as Bhojpuri Potato, which are pan roasted with sun-dried mango powder, or griddled Indian white sweet potato built into a delectable yogurt and tamarind pyramid... almost too pretty to eat. There is also a tofu dish, stir-fried with sea salt, pepper and chili.

However, our cherry-picked selection within the vegetable kingdom is special, seasonal, and sometimes rarified, including (to mention a few); Tandoori Broccoli with tamarind and yogurt sauce on the side, Beetroot Kasaundi Kebab, Grilled Asparagus with an onion chutney, Bolivian Small Peppers, and Pakchoi with Baby Corn tossed in a mix of red chili flakes, lemon thyme and melon seeds.

Accompanying all our dishes is our surprise tray of 4 homespun chutney sprinkles including a dry peanut powder, a sweet and sour tomato dip, and the season’s offering; such as rose petal and coriander or quince. For vegetarians, vegetable lovers and gourmets who enjoy the full spectrum of ingredients, our vegetarian Tasting Menu is inspirational.