Amaya bottles image
Grilling using flavoured oils
in Amaya’s open kitchen


In 2004 we opened Amaya off Motcomb Street in Knightsbridge to offer a unique concept in cutting-edge Indian food style and philosophy

A serendipitous start

After the success of Chutney Mary, along with the long established and iconic Veeraswamy, we felt ready to bring a new culinary star into our galaxy. The right place coincided with the right time, and London’s most avant-garde Indian restaurant opened its doors. The result: a sensational interior to match its novel style of Indian cuisine creating a restaurant with allure.

The three techniques

Our contemporary take is rooted in age-old traditions with taste sensations that take you beyond your expectations Amaya’s preparatory methods include the three core Indian grilling styles of Tandoor (a really hot clay oven), Sigri (cooking over a coal flame) and Tawa (searing and griddling on a very hot plate). 

Moving away from conventions

We have the widest grill selection of surf and turf in England. Our dedicated chefs combine tantalising tastes from a bold use of Indian flavours With many top awards, including a Michelin star to our name, we continue to create experiences described as ‘gourmet theatre from another stratosphere’.