Amaya - Finest Indian Restaurant - Knightsbridge, London

Amaya, opened where fashionable Knightsbridge meets elegant Belgravia, in 2004 to wide acclaim. Michelin-starred since 2006


Amaya Interior

It has been a trailblazer for Modern Indian food, and continues to evolve and innovate to this day.

Amaya is one of the most important Indian restaurants in the history of its genre creating a generation of peers and chefs

The vibrant, original cooking remains in the memory long after you've departed
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The three cornerstones of grilling in India are housed in the open kitchen

The tandoor oven, the tawa (a vast griddle), and the sigri (a charcoal grill) are the base for the finest meat, seafood, and vegetables that Britain has to offer, all cooked à la minute after being marinated in aromatics tied to India’s many regional cuisines.

Reinventing the perception of Indian food in Britain, Amaya presents a sophisticated Indian dining experience.
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Drinks, which are also rooted in the fruits, flowers, spices, and botanicals of the country, match the intense flavours and striking colours of the food with aplomb.

Amaya’s cocktails complement the food, with bracingly fresh, sweet, sour, and rich drinks each with their own individual character.

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Sunlit by day and seductive by night, enter an elegant stage for masters of their craft

Located inside the Halkin Arcade, nestled in from the bustle of Knightsbridge, lunchtimes bring abundance of natural light reflecting off the pink sandstone.

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Amaya’s beautiful dining room invites guests to watch the show in the kitchen

The cooking front-and-centre of the restaurant is now one of the fundamentals in London restaurant design.

Amaya is elegant, sleek, and beautifully finished.
Tio Pepe ITV London Restaurant Awards Best Restaurant in London
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For larger groups, special occasions, and convivial business gatherings, an exclusive long table of 12 is ready to greet you. Otherwise used as a communal table.

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The main room is complemented by a luxurious, quiet private dining room

Seating up to 16, the beautifully appointed private dining room, with its stunning Indian artworks and hideaway feel, offers larger celebrations or business clients the chance to have their own space.