Curated and inspired wines and cocktails

Amaya’s cocktails match the fiery bright colours of its marinades and grilled dishes, with spices and botanicals chosen to compliment the smoky intensity of the dishes. A passionfruit martini is accessorised with the prickly heat of chilli

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While an Old Fashioned is smoked to emulate the grills, and served with a burnt orange slice for a complex citrus finish.

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If seeking wines, as at siblings Chutney Mary and Amaya, the list is designed to play off the individual nuances of the food, decisively busting the idea that the only suitable beverage for Indian food is a crisp, light lager.

A classy wine list plus inventive cocktails
The AA Guide
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Desserts can be combined with, or followed by, a sweet and delicious espresso or chocolate martini.